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I live in Cape Coral, FL. My passions include the mountains, blogging, social networks and bookmarking, and writing articles. I have combined these interests by building a series of real estate and lodging websites under the parent company name of Leisure Linx. All of our website affiliates share the best places, opportunities, tips and secrets for vacationing or relocating. http://www.FloridaHalfbacks.com was launched in July, 2007 as the official guide to lodging and real estate in the mountain regions. Visitor traffic and rankings have been in a consistent growth pattern, especially now with Web 2.0 applications, advanced SEO strategies, and blogs. By the way, what is a Florida Halfback? It's a nickname given to Floridians who originally migrated to Florida from the north, but now prefer to be "halfway back" in mountain and lake areas of the Southeast U.S. Regardless of where you reside, Florida Halfbacks.com a great resource if you are a visitor to the mountain regions, or plan to relocate there, or already live there. Our other dynamic websites: DevelopmentsAndCommunities.com, VistasAndViews.com, LogHomeGallery.com, and CabinsAndInns.com.

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